Black Hills Gold .308 Win 168 Grain Barnes TSX Hollow Point Lead-Free

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Black Hills Gold .308 Win 168 Grain Barnes TSX Hollow Point Lead-Free - Box of 20

This Black Hills Gold .308 Win Rifle Ammunition features premium rifle bullets loaded for extreme reliability and accuracy and is a favorite among police snipers across the United States. An excellent round for competition, self-defense and hunting. Loaded to SAAMI specs for premium performance at an affordable price.

The Black Hills Gold .308 Win 168 Grain Barnes TSX Hollow Point Lead-Free ammo is specialized for self-defense and hunting. Designed with Triple-Shocks; Black Hills ammo developed these innovative bullets from Barnes which are made from 100% copper, containing no lead. These rounds are engineered to expand, with four razor-sharp cutting petals, allowing the bullet to pierce farther through tough bone and tissue. Triple-Shock bullets are able to retain almost 100% of the original weight, making it a superb option for hunting. Black Hills loaded this ammo with Lake City brass that has gone through factory annealing, allowing for and lengthened brass life. Thanks to this annealing process, the neck section of the brass may seem to be discolored until the case is cleaned.
Barnes’ TSX Bullet offers all the deadly effectiveness of the time-proven X Bullet. Features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, rapid expansion, 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets, and maximum weight retention. The TSX has proven to be one of the most accurate hunting bullets available–a fact countless shooters have confirmed. An exclusive feature of the TSX Bullet is multiple, precisely engineered rings cut into the bullet shank. These grooved rings act as relief valves as bullet metal flows under pressure while traveling down the bore. Instead of flowing from the front to the base of the bullet, the copper material expands into the grooves. This results in reduced pressures and less copper fouling. Reduced pressures mean the bullet can be safely loaded to higher velocities. The rings also alter barrel harmonics, greatly improving accuracy.
  • MANUFACTURE: Black Hills Ammunition
  • ITEM #: 1C308BHGN1
  • CALIBER: .308 Winchester
  • BULLET WEIGHT: 168 Grain
  • PRIMER: Boxer
  • CASING: Brass Casin
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